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The oral surgery required to take out your wisdom teeth doesn’t have to be a daunting, painful process. If you want to get your wisdom teeth removed or another oral surgery performed in a comfortable, relaxed environment, schedule your appointment at Harbor Dental in Pittsburg, California. Maneeza Kulaly, DMD, can give you the oral surgery procedures you need along with dedicated care. Call Harbor Dental or schedule your appointment online today.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What are wisdom teeth, and why would I need them removed?

Most people have a third set of molars that don’t break through the gum line until they reach their late teens or early twenties. The extra set of molars, called wisdom teeth, can cause problems. 

More often than not, your mouth doesn’t have the space to accommodate these extra teeth. Allowing them to emerge in your mouth can cause crowding, pushing your other teeth out of alignment. 

What’s more, even if there is space in your mouth to fit these extra molars, some wisdom teeth grow into their proper position. This can cause food to get trapped in the tooth, creating a breeding ground for decay-causing bacteria. 

In other cases, the wisdom teeth only break partway through the gums, causing swelling and irritation in your gums. 

To prevent this whole host of issues from affecting you, Dr. Kulaly offers wisdom tooth extraction, the removal of your wisdom teeth. 

What should I expect from my wisdom tooth extraction?

Good news. Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common, streamlined procedure, and Dr. Kulaly has years of experience performing it. The whole process should take no longer than 45 minutes. 

Additionally, Dr. Kulaly offers local anesthetic or general anesthesia to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your wisdom tooth extraction. 

In most cases, you’ll leave your extraction appointment with a few stitches in your mouth that will dissolve quickly. You might experience some swelling or discomfort for a few days. Ask Dr. Kulaly about what to expect, and she can help you prepare for the recovery process. 

Are other kinds of oral surgery available?

Yes. In addition to wisdom teeth extractions, Dr. Kulaly also offers dental implants and tooth extractions for teeth that have experienced severe decay. 

If you need any type of oral surgery, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Kulaly about it. She can let you know what to expect and help you decide if a procedure is right for you. 

To have your oral surgery performed by an expert who keeps your care and comfort in mind along each step of the way, call Harbor Dental or book your appointment online.